About Us

Estar Mejor is the only wellness website in Spanish aimed at serving the specific needs of the Hispanic audience in the United States. 

We believe that wellness is for everybody, especially for underserved communities that need it the most.

Our content focuses on three pillars: how you can improve your relationship with others (Family, Friends and Relationships), with your surroundings (Home, Work and Environment) and with yourself (Mind, Body and Soul). We approach these topics in a down-to-earth and practical way.

At Estar Mejor, we work to bring you the most current and reliable information in the wellness space. We hire experts in the field and our journalists’ research so that our readers have the best possible information to live the best life that they can, in harmony with themselves and their surrounding world, and in good physical and emotional shape. We enforce guidelines and vet our sources to ensure accuracy, clarity, and precision on our site. In our articles, we not only link to recognized news and academic sites but also to the most renowned national and international institutions.

Estar Mejor is led by New York City-based Managing Editor María José Lavandera. 

Estar Mejor is part of the ImpreMedia family of digital media outlets, which includes La Opinión, El Diario NY, La Raza, Solo Dinero, Comedera, La Vibra and Siempre Auto, which together attract more than 35 million monthly users worldwide. Those publications rank among the most widely read, reputable and prestigious Spanish-language media in the United States, backed by a history of more than 100 years informing and supporting the Hispanic community in that country. In addition to having been recognized multiple times by the National Association of Hispanic Publications for their journalistic work, most recently the company has received grants from the Facebook Journalism Project, the Google News Initiative and the McCormick Foundation.

On top of our exclusive content created by our newsrooms, we have agreements in place with content companies such as BBC News, Consumer Reports, MSN, Agencia EFE, Getty Images, Agencia Reforma, SinEmbargo, Grosby Group, Bang Media International, Mezcalent and more. 

We are members of the National Association of Hispanic Publications and the Local Medium Consortium.

To reach our Newsroom please send an email to redaccion@impremedia.com.